Award-Winning Energy Company in Nigeria

Solar Harmony: Lighting Tomorrow Powering Today

AyeniBiyi Nigeria (ABL) is a registered and internationally accredited indigenous company offering a diverse range of services, including Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Construction Electrical Engineering Services, and Telecommunication/BTS Site Maintenance

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Award-Winning Energy Company in Nigeria

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AyeniBiyi Nigeria (ABL) is a registered and internationally accredited indigenous company offering a diverse range of services, including Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Construction Electrical Engineering Services, and Telecommunication/BTS Site Maintenance

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We are trusted Energy company.

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ABL has steadfastly centered its efforts on clean energy, firmly believing that a substantial portion of the world’s growing energy demands can be met sustainably. With existing technologies capable of generating clean energy, ABL, alongside dedicated partners such as Sinergy, Solar Maxx, Naanovo, and others, possesses the expertise to effectively implement commercial-scale clean energy solutions worldwide.

Fueling Progress: Supporting over 3,420 Projects, Enriching over 3.2 Million Lives

Illuminate Tomorrow: Igniting Innovation, Powering the Future.

We take pride in global partnerships, leveraging the expertise and innovations of its partners to deliver sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions

AyeniBiyi Nigeria, established in 2007, began as a downstream player in the Oil and Gas sector, involved in the procurement, supply, and distribution of petroleum products in both retail and large quantities

With a dynamic team comprising engineers, technologists, business development executives, and international partners worldwide, ABL is committed to excellence in each endeavor. ABL Nigeria, a trademark of AyeniBiyi Nigeria, represents a fusion of local expertise and global partnerships.

About Us

Staff On Three Continents

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Staff On Three Continents

Our expertise spans various sectors

Our Services

With a wealth of expertise, we excel in delivering specialized solutions across a wide spectrum of sectors. Our seasoned professionals bring in-depth knowledge and a proven track record, ensuring that our services meet the unique demands and challenges of each industry

Renewable Energy

We are committed to advancing clean energy solutions and harnessing the power of renewable resources to create sustainable and efficient energy systems.

Waste to Energy

We specialize in transforming waste into a valuable energy source, contributing to environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.

Oil and Gas

Our proficiency extends to the oil and gas industry, where we navigate complex challenges to ensure efficient operations and optimal resource utilization.

Construction Engineering

With a focus on precision and innovation, we excel in construction engineering, delivering high-quality projects that meet and exceed industry standards.

Electrical Services

Our electrical services encompass a wide range of solutions, from design to implementation, ensuring reliable and safe electrical systems for various applications

Telecommunication / BTS Site Maintenance

We provide comprehensive maintenance services for telecommunication infrastructure and BTS (Base Transceiver Station) sites, ensuring seamless communication networks.

We Offer Training

Our training course covers the entire spectrum of design, installation, and maintenance in renewable energy. It’s tailored for students, graduates, and working professionals, providing practical knowledge for developing sustainable energy products.

Participants gain hands-on experience in design principles, installation techniques, and ongoing maintenance, focusing on creating innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. Enroll to acquire the skills needed to contribute to the development of cutting-edge, sustainable energy solutions.

Our Professional Skills
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  • Working Professionals 99% 99%

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ABL Nigeria has been lighting up Nigeria and beyond with its solar power solutions since 2007. From residential to commercial to industrial projects, ABL Nigeria has been providing clean, sustainable energy to power the future of Nigeria. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ABL Nigeria is dedicated to making Nigeria a brighter place

What Customers are Saying About ABL Nigeria

Our customers speak for us, sharing their experiences and highlighting the transformative impact ABL Nigeria has had in homes and on their businesses.  These testimonials reflect not just satisfaction but a deep trust in ABL Nigeria as a reliable partner in their success journey.

Clients Testimonials

“Choosing ABL was the best decision for our organization. Their energy solutions not only saved us costs but also aligned perfectly with our sustainability goals.


From day one, ABL impressed us with their efficiency and professionalism. Our energy bills have significantly decreased, and the reliability of their services is unmatched. 

Nelson Deborah

Kudos to Ayenibiyi for their outstanding service. Their tailored energy solutions have made a significant impact on our bottom line. The team’s knowledge and commitment to our unique needs set them apart


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