WIND TURBINE SYSTEM Introducing a breakthrough wind energy system for home or business featuring a revolutionary patented gearless Blade Tip Power System (BTPS). The ABL WindTronics BTPS6500 Wind Turbine is a gearless wind turbine that harnesses the power of the wind to generate clean renewable energy. The system measures just 6ft in diameter, weights 77kg (170lbs) and is able to produce 2000 kWh/yr in Class 3 winds at 33ft this represents around 40% of an average household's annual electricity. The ABL WindTronics name is synonymous with quality and innovation. The award winning ABL WindTronics BTPS6500 pushes back the barriers of wind energy technology and is now arguably the most technically advanced small wind turbine in the market. Its patented gearless Blade Tip Power System (BTPS) creates energy at the blade tips, rather than through a central gear and rotor which in most turbines creates resistance. Subsequently it has the ability to capture and convert a wider range of wind energy with consequent output efficiency and significant cost benefits to the user.

SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM The ABL SOLAR panel is gear-up to for household and offices, reducing electricity bills or producing independent power. generate clean renewable energy, A solar panel is a set of solar photovoltaic modules electrically connected and mounted on a supporting structure to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential applications.

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